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Ares Design, a company specializing in vehicle conversion and modification, unveiled its version of Land Rover Defender, set by Dany Bahar, CEO of the company, as the latest interpretation of the iconic British model.  Bahar says that Ares Design believes that being “a Defender’s owner means driving on and off the road”, for that reason, Defender Ares Design, whose production will be limited to 53 copies, highlights the characteristics that made the model of Land Rover as an icon of the auto industry.

Developed in collaboration with JE Motorworks coach, the modified model features a V8 engine capable of generating 285 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque, coupled to a six-speed semiautomatic transmission and three optimized mechanical components: transmission shaft, differential and exhaust system. For those who are not satisfied with the 285 hp, it is possible to opt for the supercharged version that offers 485 hp of power and 650 Nm of torque. Through suspension modifications, the distance from the ground was increased by 75 mm in the version with naturally aspirated engine and in 50 mm in the supercharged version. Custom 18-inch wheels, a body kit, a winch, roof bars and side stirrups complement the exterior aesthetics and contribute to creating a look that emanates robustness and aggressiveness. The interior of Defender by Ares Design, which is noticeably more luxurious than the cabin of the conventional model, is characterized by the incorporation of aluminum, carbon fiber, hand-worked wood and high quality Italian leather. The mechanical modifications, exterior and interior are carried out at Ares Design’s facilities in the Italian city of Modena. The conversion costs about 215,000 euros and does not include Defender, the model needs to be provided by the customer.


Land Rover Defender is one of the most iconic cars ever built, but that does not stop many preparers from working daily to create versions of this model with a more radical and powerful look. This is the case of American preparer East Coast Defenders, also known as ECD Automotive Design, who has just launched a Defender with the 6.2-liter V8 engine of a Chevrolet Corvette. Named Project Evolution, this Defender has a body kit from the British Kahn Design that leaves it much wider, allowing the gauges to be dilated and the wheels reach 20 inches. The black décor, along with the roof rack and light kit above the windshield, helps complete the more radical look of this model, which also had the cockpit renewed. Of note are the sports seats, the new infotainment system and of course the two-tone leather trim. But the biggest news comes in the mechanical part, with this British icon relying on the engine of a true American symbol. Which means that Defender got a 6.2-liter V8 engine from a Chevrolet Corvette that produces something like a whopping 436 horsepower. Florida-based East Coast Defenders does not reveal the performance this utility is capable of achieving but confirms that the eight-cylinder engine comes with an exhaust system with Borla’s signature that leaves the Defender with the sound of a Corvette. This sample is not for sale and was created specifically for the customer who even designed it.


Land Rover included the Discovery SVX, which according to the brand, is the most extreme Discovery of all time in the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Land Rover Discovery SVX arrives to complete the line of Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) of the British brand and was presented along with the Range Rover Sport SVR and the Range Rover SV Autobiography. Among other things that make it special, it stands out that the Land Rover Discovery SVX will be the first Land Rover model to be handcrafted at the SVO Technical Center in the UK, once it starts production in 2018

Manufactured on the basis of fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery, it will be the first model with the SVX emblem. “The SVX product line gives us a fantastic opportunity to deliver state-of-the-art Land Rover off-road capability in a dynamic and differentiated way by creating a rugged, versatile SUV that will delight the whole family: comfortable, extremely active and connected on any kind of terrain, “said Mark Stanton, director of SVO during the presentation of the model in Frankfurt. Land Rover Discovery will hit the market next year. It will do with a single mechanical option: the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine calibrated to produce 525 hp and a torque of 625 Nm. Among the mechanical novelties of this all-terrain is the Active Hydraulic Anticapping Control (H-ARC). This system provides greater articulation of the axles and improves the control of the body, thus enhancing extreme off-road traction, while reducing the balance of the body on the road. The Discovery SVX features improved approach and exit angles thanks to the increased height of the aluminum body and the pneumatic suspension on all wheels. Long-running shock absorbers and 275/55 R20 Goodyear Wrangler tires also contribute to forged aluminum wheels.

The Land Rover Discovery SVX is equipped with active central and electronic rear differential lock, which works with the Terrain Response 2 system, specially regulated to improve traction on all surfaces.  It also features an eight-speed automatic transmission with two-speed transfer box, Hill Descent Control, Electronic Traction Control, Dynamic Stability Control, All-Terrain Progress Control and power steering. Stiffness is not at odds with elegance. The Land Rover Discovery SVX may be the most extreme model of the brand, but nonetheless it is not unattractive. SVO’s design department worked hard for this and created an exclusive enamel finish – called Tectonic Gray – which is achieved thanks to the combination of Lunar and Light Oyster tones. Inside, the highlights are the Rush Orange touches, the same color as the tow rings prepared to pull up to six tons each. On the ceiling, completing the set, the side bars appear in black and two capsules of LED lights to improve the visibility.


After announcing the full restoration of one of the first Land Rover ever produced in history in 1948, the British 4×4 brand continues to celebrate its 70th anniversary with the announcement of the launch of a limited edition of its most iconic vehicle: Defender. Called Defender Works V8, the 150-unit series pays homage to the first high-power engines that equipped both the Land Rover Series III Stage 1 of 1979 and the subsequent Defender, including the commemorative edition of the 50th anniversary of the model, units are highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors even today. The limited edition announced today is the fastest ever produced for a Defender. It features a 5.0-liter gasoline V8 engine, which develops 405 horsepower and 515 Nm of torque, significantly better performance than the standard Defender, equipped with a diesel engine of 122 hp and 360 Nm. The Defender V8 Works is also equipped with an eight-speed ZF transmission system with sport mode, which helps the model accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.8 seconds and reach the top speed of 170 km / h, limited electronically. Tim Hannig, director of the Jaguar Land Rover Classic, said: “It’s only fair that we can harness the full potential of the iconic Defender, whose beloved image stands as a synonym for the Land Rover brand, 70 years after being introduced to the public for the first time turn”.

“The idea of ​​reintroducing a Defender V8 is something we’ve been discussing since 2014, when we were still building Defender in Solihull. We knew there would be demand for a more powerful and faster Defender. The authenticity of Land Rover is the finishing touch for the most demanding customers who buy Defender’s collector’s editions, “adds Hannig. The special series Defender V8 Works is produced on vehicles versions 90 and 110 built between 2012 and 2016, with up to 20,000 miles round, specially selected by Land Rover. They all received the new engine and transmission set, new brake system best suited for high power, 18-inch wheels with diamond alloy and 265/65 R18 all-terrain tires. It is available in eight standard exterior colors, including two with satin trim. In contrast, the roof, wheel rims and the front grille are in black Santorini. The finish of the knobs, fuel cover and hood lettering is made from machined aluminum. Inside, the Defender V8 Works special series features full Windsor leather trim – on the dashboard, doors and sports seats plus a new entertainment system designed by the Land Rover Classic.


Following in the footsteps of commercial versions of previous generations, the new Land Rover Discovery is poised to enter the professional world. And it does this with a proposal that, besides being very exclusive, is also very capable, especially for the rural environment. The new Land Rover Discovery Commercial is ready for the start of its commercialization in the British market and soon also in other markets. Designed to position itself as an alternative to conventional light commercial vehicles, it is clear that the customer who opts for the Land Rover Discovery Commercial will probably not have previously driven a classic van. As expected, the main differences presented by the Commercial version compared to a conventional Land Rover Discovery reside in the passenger compartment. The rear seats have been removed, so the passenger compartment will only have two front seats. Thanks to this, a cargo area measuring 1,635 mm in length, 939 mm in height and 1,411 mm in width is achieved. This area accommodates 1,856 liters of cargo capacity. A number that in principle may seem strange, since it is 600 liters less compared to a Discovery that simply rebounds the rear seats.

This difference is due to the fact that a grid has been installed to separate the front of the cargo space. A new electric rear cover has also been installed which facilitates access, as well as loading and unloading. In the front of the passenger compartment, everything remains as in the conventional model. Land Rover’s InControl Touch Pro infotainment system and all kinds of driving assistance systems. Mechanically, the Land Rover Discovery Commercial line of engines is comprised of two diesel options. On the one hand comes a 2.0 SD4 engine of 241 hp, while one step up is the 3.0 TD6 engine with 258 hp. All the versions arrive accompanied of series with an automatic transmission of eight speeds and a system of total traction. Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover, pointed out the importance of the Commercial version in the Land Rover Discovery line: “Discovery Commercial has always been an important part of the range. With the arrival of the latest version, a new level of practicality, versatility and levels of comfort are achieved. The DNA of work. ” The new Land Rover Discovery Commercial is now available for sale in the UK. The first deliveries will take place at the beginning of the second half of 2018.

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Used Pickup Trucks – For Sale – Announcing A New And Unique System For Buying Used Pickup Trucks  

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Uncover the easiest way to find used pickup trucks for sale in your area. No need to read any other article! As you read each word of this article feel your stress level drop and notice how incredible you begin to feel as I describe the best places to look for the used best pickup truck to buy in the usa for sale. With higher gas prices and pickup trucks using higher gas consumption, many people are downloading the big wheels to switch to a more economic vehicle. This trend is making it a buyer’s market for pickup trucks! If you are thinking about purchasing a pickup, there are several avenues you have to choose from!

Newspaper Classified Ads

In the classified section of your local newspaper you will find ads for pickups through private parties and local car dealerships. If looking through a private party, be sure to get the VIN (vehicle identification number) and run a Carfax report to assure the pickup does not have any prior damage such as an accident or flood. If you are going through a local dealership, be sure to ask for a copy of the pickup’s history through Carfax or another History source.

The Local Bank

Because of the economy, many banks have pickup trucks that have been repossessed. If the bank is unable to sell the abundance of pickup trucks that have been repossessed, they have to pay storage. They would much prefer to sell the pickup at a discounted price rather than having to pay to store them. Often, the bank will sell the pickup trucks at wholesale price. One note here is that the bank may not know if there are mechanical issues with the pickup, so check to see if you can take it to a reputable mechanic to check it over. Another point, you may have to keep checking back with the bank to see what repossessed pickups they have.

Car Brokerage Firm

As you continue to read, you will discover the very best place to look for a pickup truck is a Car Broker. They are the experts! They will do all the work for you and you will not have the usual stress and struggle in purchasing your next pickup truck that you have had in the past! Simply call a reputable broker and describe the make and model you are looking for. Give them the details of what extras you are looking for, what color you are interested in. Then, sit back and allow them to search their many sources which they purchase from. Relax with ease, knowing they will get you the best financing possible! As you are skimming through this article, you may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true! However, I assure you once you use an auto broker you will never buy your vehicles any other way. As added value, the broker will put the truck through a mechanical inspection and a safety inspection to assure you are not getting ripped off!

No one wants to own a lemon!

It really is true that there is a revolutionary new way to find used pickup trucks for sale! You will be the first on your block to purchase a pickup without all the headaches and drama that typically goes with the car buying experience! Don’t waste another minute! Get your FREE copy of the most powerful, until now, kept-secret information that will change how you purchase your next pickup! Especially with no stress and no hassle! According to the definition recognized in North America, “Pickup are the medium sized trucks with separate cabin and rear load area or compartment.” These are some of the famous definitions of 4×4 Pickup trucks available. The structure of these vehicles is quite similar but the sizes vary in different directions There are different types also available in the market. Here are some of the types of these carriers of utilities.

The Compact Pickup trucks

These are the vehicles which are used most frequently by users. These are built with two axle heavy loads with the structure of conventional cabs, leaf spring suspension and driven with the use of gasoline. The main manufacturers are Isuzu, Chevrolet, Mazda, Ford and even Mitsubishi. These manufacturers are earning record number of sales and unbelievable responses of automotive lovers and as a result of it the operators are earning higher than the nature and speed of the vehicles.

The Full size Pickups

This is the type which is most popular in North America. These full size vehicles are having the capacities and potential to haul heavier loads than the compact and routine types. The potential of them is so higher that they can be loaded with 450 kg loads in the bed which are five times more than the compact ones. Thus, these are the real transporting carriers. The main purpose of using them is to have the transportation of passengers. Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra Dodge Ram, Ford F series, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra are some of the major names which are seen and found in North America mainly.

Muscle Pickup Trucks

Muscle Pickup trucks are the high performance vehicles with heavier hauling capacities and also with better speeds. The prime manufacturers of these kinds are Dodge, Holden, Ford and the giant manufacturers like General Motors. This type is one of the speediest type in the trucking industries.

Mid-sized Pickup Trucks

The Mid-sized Pickup are the carriers with diverse utilities and varied features. The four-cylinder engines with V6 engines are the specialties of them. Many of the Tow trucks for sale are also considered as part of these types. The Dump trucks for sale are also listed in these kinds. These automotive giants are sold with widest varieties by the dealers. There are also many of the used trucks for sale available represented by used trucks for sale by owner and trucks for sale by owners. They have truly managed to earn the top position in the sales of any of the automotive units.

How to Renovate Your Pickup Truck

Do you think that your pickup truck is losing its view? Are you planning to accessorize it? Then, here are some tips on how to modernize your pickup. Pickup trucks originated from the design of Ford Model T but as today, there are many different kinds of trucks in the market. A pickup is a light vehicle with a cab separated from its rear which is commonly called the bed. It is separated because of the engine design to allow the vehicle to carry or pull heavy loads. Of course, this will make a lot of categories to determine which will fit your pickup. So, in that case, there is a large variety to choose and features to modernize your pickup. If you are confused about what to buy for your kind of pickup truck then let us go to the basic. Buy accessories from where you purchased your truck because manufacturers will help you especially if you were their customer. There are also many merchants who will give you assistance in accessorizing your pickup. Pickup truck accessories vary.

You can accessorize it in the interior and the exterior although the superficial manner of the pickup would most likely catch the attention. For the interior, you can think of an under seat compartments which you can use in various needs like putting some documents or paper works. You can find it in stores of different sizes. Another one is a customized floor mat. You can find different styles and designs whichever you like. Sometimes floor mats represent the owner of the pickup. The newest feature for the interior is the wireless camera; you can view what is happening in the back of your pickup. This will highly promote safety and will give you a assistance. How about the exterior accessories? An exterior accessory gives emphasis on the vehicle. That is why most pickup truck lovers choose to buy exterior pieces of stuff. It is not hard to find the right match for your truck because you can easily choose what is right in your taste. You can put an auxiliary load compartment which is between the load box and the cab. Another exceptional feature is the removable ladder rack. This ladder rack can be used not only for the pickup truck but also when you need it in your own home. Aside from that, you can see a whole supply of new accessories in the stores or markets that sell these kinds of need. The lists of items above are the things that should be on your checklist in buying the perfect accessory for your pickup. Do not forget to budget your money for an overall makeover for your pickup truck. Pickup trucks make great second vehicles for many people. Even as primary vehicles trucks often work well. That’s because these vehicles are cheaper to buy, cheaper to own, can be used in many ways and can be easily customized. Here are the details for each advantage.

Cheaper To Buy

Not that all pickups are cheap, that’s certainly not true. You can pay almost any amount of money for a pickup. But some of the cheapest vehicles are still stripped-down versions of pickups. That partly is because much of the truck market is still for work trucks and work trucks get purchased partly on the basis of low price. That means you can get in on that low price deal yourself.

Cheaper To Own

Pickups often offer simpler designs than some cars. Less true now than in the past, that means the really cheap to own pickups may be the older models. Buying used trucks is no problem though since most pickups stay on the road for a long time. Part of the lower maintenance cost results from buying a simpler vehicle. Choose options that make a pickup as well equipped as a car and you probably get the same problems as a car has. Choose more basic versions and get fewer problems simply because of fewer things to go wrong and break.

Used In Many Ways

Pickups serve as primary vehicles for many owners. That works well since many pickups now don’t ride like trucks. But many pickups still work for a living too. Pick the right model and you can get reasonable fuel mileage in a vehicle that will tow trailers, haul heavy loads and do it all in car-like comfort. Then again, you can choose a truck that’s rough and tough and not much fun to ride in. Or choose the right truck and it may not offer much in the way of hauling but ride as well as the best luxury cars. So you can specialize or compromise.

Easily Customized

Every pickup gets used a bit differently. The factories offer many options, but nothing like all that are available. You can add hundreds of pickup accessories to tailor a truck to do just what you want to be done. That applies to appearance as well as the function too. Many pickups actually become art objects as they receive options to turn them into personal owner statements. See pickups are perfect mediums for expression of the many car alteration skills. Pickup trucks work as car substitutes and also as simple work tools. But many trucks are a combination of the two. That’s why pickups continue to be the most popular vehicles year after year.

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